Slightly Dotty Bats Open Wide Zipper Pouch

It's creepy, cooky, eeky, and ooky.  (Now you're singing that theme song, aren't you?) It's the Slightly Dotty Bats Open Wide Zipper Pouch, and it'll freak you right out with it's spooktacular bats and multi-colored polkadots.  What's even more freaky? The way this zipper pouch opens wide, almost like a basket instead of a bag.  How monstrous!  It's fiendishly adorable, and a must-have for keeping all your ghastly axe-cessories on hand. Use it as a ghoulish gift bag, a ghastly place for all your creepy craft markers, or throw it to the wolves (let your kids have it).  Forget candy, this zipper pouch is sturdy enough for anything monstrous you need to keep safe from things that go bump in the night, and when the ghoul times get gooey, you can just throw this mini tote into the washing machine.  Bootiful!

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$ 15.00

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