Mega Pocket Zipper Pouch with Corset Fabric

Tired of losing stuff? Can't keep track of your essential electronics, the chargers, the cables, and all those other gadgets you must have on you at all times!? Stop pulling your hair out and click the Buy Button on this bag.  It's got more pockets than you can shake a stick at, including FOUR zipper pockets, FOUR MORE cargo pockets, and unzipped it stands open with a little tray in the front.  Organize all your on-the-go sewing supplies, craft supplies, art supplies, writing supplies - holy cow! Keep just about anything in this Mega Pocket Zipper Pouch organized and ready to take with you at a moment's notice.  It's large enough to fit a pair of 8" scissors, a horde of colored pencils, a granola bar to munch on, your not-so-secret stash of Splenda, and still have room for more! This bag also features a two-way zipper on the outside that functions as a handle when the bag is closed.  You won't need to worry if your Mega Pocket Zipper Pouch gets dirty, either.  It's washable! So when your pencil sharpener decides to explode inside one of those handy zipper pockets, just throw the bag in the washer. No worries.

Plus, I've made this Mega Pocket Zipper Pouch with one of my favorite original fabric designs on the outside. You'll have fun looking at all the vintage corset ads on the fabric's exterior. I've lined the Mega Pocket Zipper Pouch with a complimenting fabric I had in stock that has fun, steampunk inspired dresses on wire dress forms.  

This pouch is a great gift for back-to-school, professionals, college students, teachers, artists, writers, designers, and anybody else who needs some organization in their lives.  

Do you love this, but wish you could get in a different fabric? Just contact me! You can get a custom piece made just for you, and often at no additional cost. 

Please read over my shop policies before making your purchase. If you've got any questions, please contact me.

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$ 55.00

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